Referral process

At Domain Care it is our belief that young people are able to move into and leave their home in a planned and sensitive manner.

It is recognised that for any young person, moving into a new home can be a traumatic experience. Therefore it is very important that there are procedures in place for introducing young people to the home, the staff and other young people living there.

Only young people who fit into the categories described in the homes’ statement of purpose and within the conditions on the certificate of registration will be considered for placement.

Stages of referral process

  • A completed referral form and other appropriate information with regards to the young person are gathered and a full assessment of need and risk is completed.
  • Pre-placement discussions with placing authority concerning needs-matching and appropriateness of service offered. This discussion will encompass the needs of the young person under consideration, the needs of the young people already resident in the home and the compatibility of these.
  • Pre-placement visits by social worker, young person, family (if appropriate) and home manager, to assess suitability of placement from each parties viewpoint.
  • Completion of young person’s placement plan (regulation 12).
  • Final visit to the home before moving in date.
  • Each admission will demand an individual approach. Staff will not treat the process as a mechanistic one. Staff must be aware of the young person’s history, including the young person’s placement plan and any risk assessments to ensure a sensitive approach is taken in assisting a young person through this difficult process.

Contact us to receive statement of purpose and further information

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